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Pressure Relief Valve

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Product Description

Pressure relief valve for some of the 3R Series, and any of the 24" 28" 30" Shock Racks, and the 3RR Series.

Used on: 

3R1919-14B-CW, 3R1919-14B-EW, 3R2216-15B-E, 3R2217-10B-CW, 3R2217-10B-DW, 3R2217-10B-EW, 3R2222-12B-CW, 3R2222-12B-DW, 3R2222-12B-EW, 3R2222-20B-C, 3R2222-20B-E, 3R2423-17B-CW, 3R2423-17B-EW, 3R2424-24B-E, 3R2424-24B-L, 3R2727-18B-E, 3R2727-18B-L, 3R2727-27B-E, 3R2727-27B-L, 3R2817-10B-CW, 3R2817-10B-EW, 3R3025-15B-CW, 3R3025-15B-EW, 3R3214-15B-CW, 3R3214-15B-EW, 3R4024-18B-E, 3R4024-18B-L, 3R4024-24B-E, 3R4024-24B-L, 3R4530-24B-E, 3R4530-24B-L, 3R5030-24B-E, 3R5030-24B-L, 3RR-11U24-25B, 3RR-11U24-25M, 3RR-11U24-25T, 3RR-14U24-25B, 3RR-14U24-25M, 3RR-14U24-25T, 3RR-3U24-25B, 3RR-3U24-25M, 3RR-3U24-25T, 3RR-4U24-25B, 3RR-4U24-25M, 3RR-4U24-25T, 3RR-5U24-25B, 3RR-5U24-25M, 3RR-5U24-25T, 3RR-7U24-25B, 3RR-7U24-25M, 3RR-7U24-25T, 3RR-9U24-25B, 3RR-9U24-25M, 3RR-9U24-25T, 3SKB-R094U24, 3SKB-R904U28, 3SKB-R904U30, 3SKB-R906U24, 3SKB-R906U28, 3SKB-R906U30, 3SKB-R908U24, 3SKB-R908U28, 3SKB-R908U30, 3SKB-R910U24, 3SKB-R910U28, 3SKB-R910U30, 3SKB-R12U24, 3SKB-R914U24, 3SKB-R916U24, 3R5123-21B-E, 3R6820-20B-EW, 3RR-3U30-25B, 3RR-4U30-25B, 3RR-5U30-25B, 3RR-3U30-25T, 3RR-4U30-25T, 3RR-5U30-25T, 3RR-3U30-25M, 3RR-4U30-25M, 3RR-5U30-25M, 2R4417-8B, 2R4417-8M, 2R4417-8T, 2R4909-5B, 2R4909-5M, 2R4909-5T, 2R5212-7B, 2R5212-7M, 2R5212-7T, 2R6416-8B, 3R4417-8B-EW, 3R4909-5B-E, 3R5212-7B-EW, 3R6218-10B-EW, 3R6223-10B-EW,

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