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Injection Molded 8 3/4" Handle Red

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Product Description

8 3/4" (Large) injection molded handle with deep grip for iSeries. Moutning pins included. Red Color

3i-1914N-8B-C, 3i-1914N-8B-D, 3i-1914N-8B-E, 3i-2011-7B-C, 3i-2011-7B-D, 3i-2011-7B-E, 3i-20117RROC, 3i-20117SLR2, 3i-2011-8B-C, 3i-2011-8B-D, 3i-2011-8B-E, 3i-20118C300, 3i-2011-MC12, 3i-2011-MC16, 3i-2015-7B-C, 3i-2015-7B-D, 3i-2015-7B-E, 3i-2015-7B-L, 3i-2015-MC24, 3i-2015-YMP, 3i-201510AX1, 3i-2015-10BC, 3i-2015-10BD, 3i-2015-10BE, 3i-201510F5, 3i2217-8-1602, 3i-2217-8B-C, 3i-2217-8B-D, 3i-2217-8B-E, 3i-22178REDS, 3i-2217-10BC, 3i-2217-10BD, 3i-2217-10BE, 3i-221710C30, 3i-221710F3P, 3i221710MS20, 3i-221710PMW, 3i-2217-12BC, 3i-2217-12BD, 3i-2217-12BE, 3i-221712JV7, 3i-2222-12BC, 3i-2222-12BD, 3i-2222-12BE, 3i-4214-5B-E, 3i-4214-5B-L, 3i-4214, 3i-4214-5, 3i-4217-7B-E, 3i-4217-7B-L, 3i-4217-PL, 3i-4217, 3i-4217-7, 3i-4909-5B-L, 3i-4909-5B-E, 3i-4909-SR, 3i-4909, 3i-4909-5, 3i-5014-6B-E, 3i-5014-6B-L, 3i-5014-3G, 3i-5014, 3i-5014-6, 3i-2421-7BE, 3i-2421-7BC, 3i-2421, 3i-2421-7, 3i-5616-9B-E, 3i-5616-9B-C, 3i-5616, 3i-5616-9 3i-4214-56, 3i-4214-5B-E, 3i-4214-5B-L, 3i-4214-5M-E, 3i-4214-5T-E, 3i-4214-5T-L, 3i-4214-66, 3i-4214-KBD, 3i-4214-OP, 3i-4214-PL, 3i-4214-PL-M, 3i-4214-PL-T, 3i-4214-PRS, 3i-4214-RC, 3i-4217-18, 3i-4217-18-T, 3i-4217-30, 3i-4217-30-T, 3i-4217-7B-E, 3i-4217-7B-L, 3i-4217-7M-E, 3i-4217-7M-L, 3i-4217-7T-E, 3i-4217-7T-L, 3i-4217-BDB, 3i-4217-BPL-M, 3i-4217-DB, 3i-4217-DB-M, 3i-4217-DB-T, 3i-4217-KBD, 3i-4217-MDB , 3i-4217-MDB-T, 3i-4217-MPL, 3i-4217-MPL-T, 3i-4217-PL, 3i-4217-PL-M, 3i-4217-PL-T, 3i-4909-5B-E, 3i-4909-5B-L, 3i-4909-5M-E, 3i-4909-5M-L, 3i-4909-5T-E, 3i-4909-5T-L, 3i-4909-SR, 3i-4909-SR-M, 3i-4909-SR-T, 3i-5014-44, 3i-5014-6B-E, 3i-5014-6B-L, 3i-5014-6M-E, 3i-5014-6M-L, 3i-5014-6T-E

Product Videos

iSeries Colored Handle Installation 01:44

If you own multiple iSeries black cases, it can be a problem telling them apart. You can now eliminate the guesswork by changing out the case handles to different colors to code your contents. Available in four colors, (BE) blue, (RD) red, (GN) green and (YW) yellow. Part No.: 3i-HD73, 3i-HD80, and 3i-HD81.

  • iSeries Colore...
    If you own multiple iSeries black cases, it can be a problem t...

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